Help us care
for abandoned Kenyan children.

Our Story

An infant abandoned and left to die in a latrine pit.

A two year old boy found naked and starving, sitting alone on the side of a road.

Three sisters under the age of six, locked in a shack and left to starve.

These are just a few of the heart-breaking stories of the children now in the loving care of Hope Homes International.

For over 18 years, we have provided orphaned and abandoned Kenyan children a safe and loving home where they can live, laugh, grow, learn, and thrive.

Located on a small farm near Eldoret, Kenya, we operate two "family homes" where over 29 children, ages 3-14, live with a Kenyan house couple who serve as full-time surrogate parents — in many cases, the only parents the children have ever had.

We need your help. We desperately need to expand our capacity so we can save even more of the over 2,000 children currently living alone on the streets in Eldoret.


Hope Homes International is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
registered in the United States.  

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